£40 Guaranteed Value Funko Marvel Mystery Box

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£40 Guaranteed Marvel Mystery Box

Main Details:
• £40 per box
• Limited Box Run

All standard 4" Pops in this box will come with a free Geek Central Pop Protector.

Every pop in this box is from Marvel.

Box run of 80.

Please note this is a Guaranteed Value Mystery Box. Values will be taken from The Pop Directory on May 14th, 2021. We cannot stress enough, please do not buy this box if you are going to value the pops in the box on anything else that The Pop Directory. We will not be accountable for undervalue boxes if you value the contents on eBay US filtered lowest priced first.

• 2 or more pops per box.

All boxes will include Funko fillers, including mystery minis, pins, pens, keychains, etc. All items will be Funko branded. 

• ALL values will be taken from TPD. Current / To date commons will be valued at £10, despite what TPD says (Retail price). Mystery Minis will be priced at £3 each, Pop Pens and Pins will be £2 each, Pop PEZ are £6, Stickers will be £0.00 (Not included in box value.

Top Hits: (Full list of potential pops below)

Jon Favreau Signed Happy Hogan with COA

Hulk smashing Loki (x2)

NYCC Official Stan Lee 

Amazon Exclusive Hawkeye (x4)

Amazon Exclusive Iron man 

Classic Wolverine FS (x2)

Light Up Mysterio 

Chase Miles Morales (x3)

Black Light Spiderman 

10" AE Giant Antman (x7)

Gamestop Abomination

MCC DinoPool Inverted (x6)

MCC NinjaPool (x6) 

FATWS Falcon (x2)

FATWS Winter Soldier (x2)

FATWS Zemo (x2)

Miles Morales Playstation (x2 ea)

Agatha Harkness (x3)

The Vision (x3)

Hulk busting out of Hulkbuster 

Black Widow Collector Corps (x3)

X-Men Collector Corps (x3)

X-Men 20 Years MCC (x2)

Spiderverse Miles Morales (x6)

Spiderverse Peter B. Parker (x6)

Stan Lee Winter Soldier EXC

Stan Lee Guardians of the Galaxy EXC 

Nick Fury Dusted (x4)

Detention Captain America (x4)

MCC Loki (x2)

MCC Thanos (x2)

Star Lord Chase

Soldier Supreme (x2)

Young Stan Lee (x6)

Wizard Deadpool (x3)

Killmonger Chase (x4)


Black Panther Chase

Goose (Flerken) Chase

Spiderman Borrow Jersey 

MCC Nick Fury W/ Goose (x2) 

Monica Rambeau 

Corrupted Venom EXC

Metallic Thanos Pop & Tee

Plus many other incredible pops!

• There will be no refunds or returns. Unfortunately, this is a mystery box, and it's one of the risks you have to take to win big!

• All of the boxes are completely random.
• Condition of the pops are all 9.5+

• Ordering multiple boxes will result in combined packaging, however, all boxes will remain individual and completely random and blind bagged, meaning there is a possibility you may receive a duplicate pop. 

•Please note, there are no guarantees for these boxes aside from receiving a pop  in 9/10 or higher box condition and the total being £40 or higher according to TPD on May 14th, 2021.

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