Funko Pop £20 Season 6 Mystery Box

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Main Details:
• £20 per box
• Limited Box Run

Please note this is a Hit or Miss box. Pops listed below are potential pulls, some below value and some over value. To have expensive top hits like Signed Doc Brown, some pops in this box will have to be lower value. 

• 1 Pop per box
• Using tpd to value all pops including the exclusives/ vaulted pops

Top Hits: 

Signed Christopher Lloyd Doc Brown with COA

Walgreens Stickered General Grievous 

Unmasked Tenya X3 

Hero Killer Stain NYCC

Hoverboard Marty Mcfly

Klaus Hargreeves 

Super Tails and Super Silver SDCC

Black Light Carnage Funko Shop Exclusive 

Dwight as Pam Funko Shop Exclusive 

Dwight w/ Princess Unicorn Funko Shop Exclusive 

Potential pulls:

Red Goblin NYCC

Baby Yoda with Pendant NYCC

Cull Obsidian Walgreens 

Crystal Gollum EXC 

Black Panther Chase 

Halo Master Chief 

Date Mike (Office) 

Michael Myers EXC

Glitter Winnie the Pooh Christmas Hat 

Battlehound GITD 

Newt in Suitcase 

Hologram Sombra 

Wizard Deadpool 

Invader Zim and Gir EXC 

Diamond Edition Snow White 

Smugglers Bounty Kylo Ren 

GITD Shazam 

Metallic 80 Years Spiderman 

Obi-Wan Kenobi 

Michaelangelo SDCC

Wallace Wells SDCC 

Beachead NYCC CON 

Plus many other great pops! 

• There will be no refunds or returns. Unfortunately this is a mystery box, and it's one of the risks you have to take to win big!

• All of the boxes are completely random.
• Condition of the pops are all 9+

• Ordering multiple boxes will result in combined packaging, however, all boxes will remain individual and completely random and blind bagged, meaning there is a possibility you may receive a duplicate pop. 

• All of the pops pictured above will be randomly distributed into the boxes. All pops are put into blind bags, shuffled, put into boxes, and taped up ready to be sent out. There is no way of knowing what pop is in which box once sealed.

•Please note, there are no guarantees for these boxes aside from receiving a pop  in 9/10 or higher box condition. If you won't be happy receiving a pop lower valued than the box, please don't buy as we don't want anyone to be disappointed. It's one of the risks you have to take to win big. 

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