Funko Pop Season 3 Mystery Box!

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Main Details:
• £20 per box
• Limited Box Run

• 1 Pop per box
• Using tpd to value all pops including the exclusives/ vaulted pops

• There will be no refunds or returns. Unfortunately this is a mystery box, and it's one of the risks you have to take to win big!

• All of the boxes are completely random.
• Condition of the pops are all 8.5+

• Ordering multiple boxes will result in combined packaging, however, all boxes will remain individual and completely random.

• All of the pops pictured above will be randomly distributed into the boxes. All pops are put into blind bags, shuffled, put into boxes, and taped up ready to be sent out. There is no way of knowing what pop is in which box once sealed.

•Please note, there are no guarantees for these boxes aside from receiving 1 (One) pop valued at £12 or over and in 9/10 or higher box condition.

You will receive one of the following pops:

 ECCC Boba Fett x1

Tiny Tina 211 x1

Winter Soldier 168  x3

Cyborg Walmart Exclusive 110 x3

Jack sparrow 273 x2

Meeseeks chase 174 x1

Dopey chase 340 x2

L with cake 219 x1

11 UW 422 x1

Swanson 499 x1

Galadriel 634 x1

Bob ross 524 x1

Will 426 x3

Naruto Tobi x2

Library Ghost Popcultcha x1

Obi-Wan Kenobi Clone Wars x2

Antman Hot topic 85 x1

Clawful  SDCCx1

Mirage Exc x1

Captain marvel cc x1

Nick fury cc x1

Rapunzel x2

Surtur Ragnarok x2

Rogue Hot topic x1

Darth Vader Chase x1

Gizmo Gremlins x1 

Alfred Hitchcock x1

Phantom Foxy x2

Bat Boy Pop Cultcha x1

Space Jam Taz x3

Crash Bandicoot Chase x3

Bobby Wagner x1 

Jill Valentine x1

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